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BiPAP Machine

BMC Y30T Bipap Machine

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The BMC Y30T BiPAP machine on Sale is a bilevel positive airway pressure device with a unique built-in nebulizer and humidifier system, offering comfortable therapy with adjustable pressure levels and automatic leakage compensation.


Key Features of BMC BiPAP Machine:

1. Pressure Range (cm H2O)
2. 4~30 cm H2O.
3. W arranty - 1 year
4. Ramp Rate. 0-60 min
5. Accessories - Humidifier, Tube, Power adapter, Power cord, Filter, Hose Pipe
6. Operating Mode - BiPAP-ST, T, S, CPAP


Additional Charges/Documents:

1. Security Cheque(PDC) - Rs.50000/-
2. Transport charges are based on distance from our store and will be communicated by our experts over call.


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