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Hospital Beds

Paramount Bed On Rent

You save ₹3,000


Product details

Crafted with advanced Japanese technology, the Paramount Hospital Bed enhances your recovery journey with precision head and knee adjustments, seamless height control, and versatile Trendelenburg positioning, all tailored to elevate your comfort and well-being.


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In the Paramount Bed A5 Series, practical features prioritise patient safety and comfort. The bed's innovative side rails move seamlessly with the back section, reducing the risk of falls in both flat and upright positions. With a low bed height of 450mm*1, the potential for injuries from falls is minimised, further augmented by the option to attach foot spacers for added safety.

Moreover, the Paramount bed's low height of 350mm*2 facilitates stable foot placement for patients, promoting confidence and stability. Enhanced by an ergonomic side-rail design, patients receive additional support when transitioning to a standing position. The seamless integration between the bed frame and side rails maximises stability, ensuring safety during patient movements.

Meeting the stringent standards of IEC 60601-2-52, the Paramount Bed A5 Series emphasises sturdy construction and integrated safety features. Its gapless design between components minimises the risk of patient entrapment, prioritising overall safety and care.


Head Angle


Knee Angle


Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg

-12 to 12

Safe Working Load

230 Kg

Extension Frame


Height Raise Yes

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