Special Wheelchair

Special Wheelchair

Seedee Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair

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1. Battery operated

2. Stair climbing wheelchair has the power to climb different types of stairs

3. Stair climbing wheelchair is user friendly and easy to use

4. Light weight, hence easy to carry

5. Easily foldable

6. Safety belt

7. Detachable and rechargeable lithium batteries

8. Durable rubber wheels

9. Optimum Stair Angle - 35°, above 40-50° not advisable

10. Battery Charging Voltage -110-240v

11. Motor Current - 13.9A

12. Product weight:40 kg

13. Dimensions: 58*165*85 cm

14. Power: 24V

15. Brand: Seedee

16. Weight holding capacity: 125 kg

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